Comprised of 19 branches country wide with highly trained and experienced team members implementing network cabling solutions that improves efficiency and connectivity within businesses irrespective of size or complexity.


About Interconnect Systems
Founded in 1986, Interconnect Systems is one of South Africa’s largest privately owned, black economically empowered network infrastructure providers.

To be the solution partner of choice for leading service providers, government, agencies and major businesses by assisting with the design, installation and maintenance of their communication networks.


To be the market leader in connectivity solutions through delivering operational excellence, innovative products and by establishing long-term partnerships.


All our full spectrum of infrastructure solutions are backed by system performance and product warranties.

Stay connected by installing and maintaining world-class networking infrastructure.

Providing robust turnkey cabling and connectivity solutions to help you reduce data centre disruptions.

On the front line of IT innovation for 36 years, deploying advanced data centre solutions around South Africa for businesses big and small.

We provide solutions with our vast experience that will save and increase efficiency of any facility.

Take control and monitor the mechanical components inside your facility, from ventilation to security systems and more.

We understand that companies should go further


Level 1 BBBEE Contributers

Contributing to the growth strategy that aims to realise the country’s full economic potential.


ISO 9001 Compliant

Assuring quality is inherent in all our products and processes.


Let’s make a connection

Cabling & Connectivity

Interconnect Systems Cabling and Connectivity services provide robust turnkey cabling solutions to help reduce the data centre disruptions from inefficient, slow under-floor cabling by migrating to scalable, flexible cabling solutions that can increase data centre efficiency, connectivity and reduce costs.
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Evolve and optimize

Data Centres

Over the past several year, the relentless pace IT innovation has turned the data centre inside out. Cloud computing, virtualization and mobility have each revolutionized IT and connectivity, creating waves of disruption for data access, security and performance, and driving up data centre costs and risks.
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We build solutions

Advanced Electrical Services

With the cost of energy constantly rising, we can help provide solutions with our vast experience that will save and increase efficiency of any facility. By creating the most resilient and efficient data centre power infrastructure and removing single points of failure.
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Control is key

Facilities Monitoring and Response Solutions

In today's environment, building systems that manage energy demand is vital. This is achieved with our solutions that integrate Building Management Systems (BMS) which control and monitor the mechanical components inside a facility; such as ventilation, lighting, security systems and more.
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Creative Solutions

Support Driven

Building long-term partnerships


Providing consistency


Accredited to offer more

Our supplier relationships offer quality assurances

We are commited to utilizing products that are backed by system performance and product warranties.

Interconnect Systems holds platinum accreditation’s with all of the major product suppliers. This enables us to provide the full spectrum of infrastructure solutions, all of which are backed by system performance and product warranties signed off by the suppliers.

Warranties paired with our trained workforce who adhere to the highest cabling standards have allowed for the consistency best associated with Interconnect Systems.

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