Case Study 2: Cabling Upgrade Project


The Project:

Interconnect Systems (Pty) Ltd. was involved in a major cabling upgrade project for one of the financial giants in 2010. It was a significant project for us in terms of delivering high quality connectivity amongst the main buildings and the eight other buildings on the Campus, one of which became the new energy centre tasked with providing the rest of the Campus with alternative power.

The Installation:

Interconnect Systems (Pty) Ltd installed the optical fibre links between the PLC’s throughout the Campus and was responsible for the installation of the entire network connectivity within the main buildings, from the central network room right through to each individual desk, printer, vending machine, etc.

In November 2009 we delivered close to one million meters of CAT6 cable, along with all the necessary panels and connectors to the project site. The actual installation began at the end of the year in Building A. The network cabinets and optical fibres necessary for the entire data network were also delivered. As the project progressed and floors and data rooms became available, we installed the network cabinets and cables.

RThe Result:


The project concluded in April 2011, but we remain responsible for the data cable maintenance in the main buildings and for the group’s branches across South Africa

Image by GLH Architects
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