Cabling & Connectivity

Providing robust turnkey cabling solutions

Connecting you from the start
Our solutions help you reduce connection disruptions from inefficient network speeds by migrating to scalable, flexible cabling solutions that can increase efficiency, connectivity and reduce costs.
Structured Voice and Data Cabling

Structured cabling is the backbone of your network and typically encompasses data, voice, security and wireless.  Any issues with your cabling infrastructure will impact these services, which can be costly to your business processes and employee productivity.

Fibre Optic Networks

Fibre optic networks and services are becoming the new standard in data and networking. Optical fibre better accommodates the increasingly complex network architectures while offering bandwidth durability, ease of installation, immunity to EMI/RFI, toleration of harsh environmental conditions and long-term economies.

Wireless Networks

Mobile connectivity is becoming more vital in the way we do business. As wireless access expands, so does the opportunity to innovate. That’s why many organisations are looking for the smartest ways to leverage wireless data solutions to drive productivity, competitiveness and profits.

International Standards

We invest in ongoing staff training, pre-manufacturing and the latest test equipment, to ensure that we deliver on time and comply with international standards.

Strong Backbone

Structured cabling is the backbone of your network and should encompass data, voice, security and wireless infrastructure.

Experienced Partner

We support you through installation, consolidation, troubleshooting & clean-up.


Providing only high-end quality products in our network solutions, which are backed by manufacturer warranties.

FOA Certified

Our fibre optic installation teams are certified by the American Fibre Optic Association to perform speciality services.

Wireless Productivity

Driving productivity, competitiveness and profits through the use of wireless data solutions intelligently.

Why work with us?

Interconnect Systems installs all of its certified structured cabling solution projects to CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A and CAT7 (10GIG) standards with certified installers.

We believe in easy growth
The cornerstone for any LAN to perform well is utlising structured wiring solutions which facilitates easier growth.

This is a speciality service which includes network applications for LANs, MANs, WANs, SANs, intra-building and inter-building communications, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and telecommunication networks.

We believe in the new standard
Fibre optic networks and services are becoming the new standard in data and networking as it better accommodates increasingly complex network architectures.

We will design your WLAN from the ground up and show you how easy it is to expand your network as your business grows.

We believe in ease
Organisations are looking for the smartest ways to leverage wireless data solutions, providing anytime, anywhere access.
Evolve and optimise
Data Centres

Over the past several years, the relentless pace of IT innovation has turned the data centre inside out. Cloud computing, virtualisation and mobility have each revolutionised IT and connectivity, creating waves of disruption for data access, security and performance, and driving up data centre costs and risks.

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We build solutions
Advanced Electrical Services

With the cost of energy constantly rising, we can help provide solutions with our vast experience that will save and increase efficiency of any facility. By creating the most resilient and efficient data centre power infrastructure and removing single points of failure.

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Control is key
Facilities Monitoring and Response Solutions

In today’s environment, building systems that manage energy demand is vital. This is achieved with our solutions that integrate Building Management Systems (BMS) which control and monitor the mechanical components inside a facility; such as ventilation, lighting, security systems and more.

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We are commited to utilising products that are backed by product warranties
  • We hold platinum accreditations with all of the major product suppliers
  • Quality control takes place at regular intervals throughout every project undertaken
  • Products and workflow are designed to reduce environmental impact and prevent pollution
  • We issue all customers with system performance warranties that safeguard their infrastructure investments
  • All product installations are tested and documented according to global industry standards
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