Network Infrastructures in South Africa


Most organisations in South Africa tend to review their network infrastructure requirements when they move offices or add new users which is often the first mistake. This is often due to the lack of understanding of what network infrastructures are and the benefits that come with them. Network infrastructures should be considered the foundation for a businesses connectivity, communication and network management, reviewed at regular intervals to avoid them becoming unmanageable from the very start.

What does Network Infrastructure mean?

Network infrastructure is a term used to describe interlinked hardware and software applications that allow businesses and individuals to capitalise on specialised technology. From phone lines to routers, these are examples of equipment that ensures the infrastructure within a business is linked, both internally and externally.

How do companies or individuals get started with Network Infrastructure?

Understanding that every business is unique and would need specific creative solutions for their network challenges and installation, we thought we would create a list of a few main elements of a network infrastructure as an introduction to the topic.

Cabling & Connectivity

Structured cabling is the backbone of your network and typically encompasses data, voice, fibre, security and wireless.  Any issues with your cabling infrastructure will impact these services, which can be costly to your business processes and employee productivity.

A well designed, and structured cabling infrastructure is the most critical part of your voice and data network, therefore choosing a qualified voice and data cabling provider is a critical decision in order to lay the foundation for a consolidated solution.

Learn more about Cabling & Connectivity with Interconnect Systems who are experienced in installation, consolidation, troubleshooting or clean-up.

Data Centres

Over the past several years, the relentless pace of IT innovation has turned the data centre inside out. Cloud computing, virtualisation and mobility have each revolutionised IT and connectivity, creating waves of disruption for data access, security and performance, and driving up data centre costs and risks.

Learn more about Data Centres with Interconnect Systems who brings deep expertise in managed services, network technologies, and organisational applications to bear on planning, designing, implementing, and optimising your companies’ data centre.

Advanced Electrical Services

A resilient infrastructure for timely and uninterrupted data centre power distribution is essential to any facility. Whether it is the power to the data cabinets, cooling infrastructure or security systems, ensuring your mission critical facility is risk free and concurrently maintainable are crucial aspects of its electrical design. Interconnect systems have a vast amount of experience in creating the most resilient and efficient data centre power infrastructure and removing single points of failure.

Learn more about Advanced Electrical Services with Interconnect Systems that can help provide solutions with their vast experience that will save and increase efficiency of any facility. By creating the most resilient and efficient data centre power infrastructure and removing single points of failure.

Facilities Monitoring and Response Solutions

In today’s environment, building systems that manage energy demand is vital. This is achieved with our solutions that integrate Building Management Systems (BMS) which control and monitor the mechanical components inside a facility; such as ventilation, lighting, security systems and more.

An effective Facilities Monitoring enables data centre managers to measure energy use, enabling safe operation at higher densities. In addition to enabling the comprehensive real-time monitoring, these tools also aid in facilitating long-term capacity planning; dynamic optimisation of critical systems performance and efficiency; and efficient asset utilisation.

Learn more about Facilities Monitoring and Response Solutions with Interconnect Systems that offer solutions that are critical in today’s environment where data analysis and managing energy demand is vital.

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