Data Centre

Data Centres 101: A Guide to Understanding Data Centre Services
In today's digital age, data is the lifeblood of businesses, driving operations, decision-making, and innovation. With the exponential growth of data, organisations require robust infrastructure to store, manage, and access their valuable information securely. This is where data centres play...
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Level 2 B-BBEE and Beyond
Interconnect Systems announce management buyout that takes the company to Level 2 B-BBEE and positions it for continued growth. Interconnect is the largest privately held network infrastructure company in South Africa. We are delighted to announce that our executive team...
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Could South Africa have a Smart City?
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Innovation within South African cities seems like a pipe dream with our current climate of challenges, from persistent national black-outs (Load Shedding is the more common term) to stagnant economic growth. However, we see how these challenges advocate for “Smart...
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