Facilities Monitoring and Response Solutions

Solutions that control entire systems

Taking full control of your infrastructure
Our solutions involve systems that are critical in today’s environment where managing energy demand is vital while providing full software and hardware systems that both monitor and control their components.
Component Control
Building Management System

Implementing a BMS consists of Software and Hardware and is a computer-based control system installed in buildings to control and monitor the mechanical and electrical components inside a facility e.g. ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems.

Designed Integration
Data Centre Infrastructure Management

A solution whereby the integration of information technology (IT) and facility management disciplines allow for the centralised monitoring, management and intelligent capacity planning of a data centre’s critical systems.

Extensive Capabilities
Established Relationships

Interconnect Systems has established partnerships with various solution providers, including APC by Schneider Electric. Providing extensive capabilities; Capacity Planning, Real-Time Monitoring, Environmental/Energy sensors and is able to integrate well with various types of external management systems.

External Environment

BMS’s also include a facility’s external environment with access control, closed-circuit television (CCTV) and motion detectors managing security aspects..

DCIM Components

DCIM consists of two parts: Management Software and Network planning and installation of, for example, sensor systems, power management solutions and monitoring.

Energy Proficiency

Effective monitoring enables data centre managers to measure energy use, enabling safe operation at higher densities.

Long-term Goals

These tools also aid in facilitating long-term capacity planning; dynamic optimisation of critical systems performance and efficiency; and efficient asset utilisation.

Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems and elevators are often linked to a BMS, for monitoring and response in case a fire alarm is triggered.

Light to Cold

Lighting system, Heating,Ventilation and Air-conditioning HVAC System are just other systems that can be controlled with an effective BMS

Evolve and optimise
Data Centres

Over the past several years, the relentless pace of IT innovation has turned the data centre inside out. Cloud computing, virtualisation and mobility have each revolutionised IT and connectivity, creating waves of disruption for data access, security and performance, and driving up data centre costs and risks.

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We build solutions
Advanced Electrical Services

With the cost of energy constantly rising, we can help provide solutions with our vast experience that will save and increase efficiency of any facility. By creating the most resilient and efficient data centre power infrastructure and removing single points of failure.

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Let's make a connection
Cabling & Connectivity

Interconnect Systems Cabling and Connectivity Services provide robust turnkey cabling solutions to help you reduce data centre disruptions from inefficient, slow under-floor cabling by migrating to scalable, flexible cabling solutions that can increase data centre efficiency, connectivity and reduce costs.

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We are commited to utilising products that are backed by product warranties
  • We hold platinum accreditations with all of the major product suppliers
  • Quality control takes place at regular intervals throughout every project undertaken
  • Products and workflow are designed to reduce environmental impact and prevent pollution
  • We issue all customers with system performance warranties that safeguard their infrastructure investments
  • All product installations are tested and documented according to global industry standards
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