Advanced Electrical Services

Resilient infrastructure for timely and uninterrupted power

Uninterrupted power is essential
Interconnect Systems have a vast amount of experience in creating the most resilient and efficient data centre power infrastructure and removing single points of failure while improving energy efficiency
Resilient and uninterrupted
Risk Free and Maintainable

A resilient infrastructure for timely and uninterrupted data centre power distribution is essential to any facility. Whether it is the power to the data cabinets, cooling infrastructure or security systems, ensuring your mission critical facility is risk free and concurrently maintainable are crucial aspects of its electrical design.

Objectively nuetral
Critical Power Systems

Our 33 years of experience in data centre and mission critical power systems, our vendor neutrality and our innovative approach means that the systems we design are always the most appropriate and suitable for your facility. From high voltage transformers to rack mounted PDUs, and all elements in between.

Tailored Electrical Solutions
Commercial and Industrial

We have also expanded our expertise to commercial and industrial electrical installations. We specialise in industrial and commercial electrical services from design and installation in new buildings and premises, to maintenance and prevention services in existing locations.

Energy Management

Energy Management is a service developed in response to the current energy climate in South Africa

Downtime Avoidance

The Interconnect Systems team works safely and efficiently to keep your business running by preventing downtime with regular maintenance and safety checks.

Material procurement

Our relationship with the majority of the major electrical suppliers ensures prompt accessibility of materials and parts ensuring down-time is kept to a minimum.


Consult, design and implementation of a fully compliant and certified system – commercial or industrial


Aftercare and maintenance of all installed systems that we performed/

Alternative Power Systems

Installation of a full range of imported UPS generators and inverters. A channel partnership with Schneider enables us to offer Green Power, either solar or wind

Evolve and optimise
Data Centres

Over the past several years, the relentless pace of IT innovation has turned the data centre inside out. Cloud computing, virtualisation and mobility have each revolutionised IT and connectivity, creating waves of disruption for data access, security and performance, and driving up data centre costs and risks.

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Let's make a connection
Cabling & Connectivity

Interconnect Systems Cabling and Connectivity Services provide robust turnkey cabling solutions to help you reduce data centre disruptions from inefficient, slow under-floor cabling by migrating to scalable, flexible cabling solutions that can increase data centre efficiency, connectivity and reduce costs.

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Control is key
Facilities Monitoring and Response Solutions

In today’s environment, building systems that manage energy demand is vital. This is achieved with our solutions that integrate Building Management Systems (BMS) which control and monitor the mechanical components inside a facility; such as ventilation, lighting, security systems and more.

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We are commited to utilizing products that are backed by product warranties
  • We hold platinum accreditations with all of the major product suppliers
  • Quality control takes place at regular intervals throughout every project undertaken
  • Products and workflow are designed to reduce environmental impact and prevent pollution
  • We issue all customers with system performance warranties that safeguard their infrastructure investments
  • All product installations are tested and documented according to global industry standards
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